Masters Kodaly - Master in Kodaly Music Education

The Kodaly Society of Spain

European University Miguel de Cervantes of Spain

Kodaly Society of Spain and Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes (Spain)
have established a masters program based on the Kodaly Music Concept

What makes this program unique?

The online curriculum taught by distinguished professors from the United States, Spain and Hungary and
the face-to-face workshops fit nicely into most students' and teachers' schedules, allowing you to conveniently
earn your master's in music education. The courses you will take online cover theory and research, while the
workshops offer important interactions with well known professors of the Kodaly method and the opportunity
to practice the techniques and methods you have been studying.

Upon completion of this program, you will not only have your
Master's in Music Education, but you will have earned
The Spanish National Kodaly Music Teaching Certification as well.

What your learn?

The curriculum introduces the philosophy and teachings of Hungarian music educator
Zoltan Kodaly, putting emphasis on concepts like:

    Use of folk songs, dances, and games from different countries to teach musical concepts.
    Connection between cultural heritage, science and music.
    The importance of a sequential music curriculum.
    Enjoyment as a motivating force in learning.

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